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student chapter

Student Chapter

Education can be enjoyed and students can also have fun while learning. SEPHALI MEMORIAL NURSING INSTITUTE, gives importance to the student’s outlook and views. Student chapter here is pleasant, informative and enjoyable.

Every student is given equal importance and respected. The teachers and instructors take part in their decisions and give correct guidance in important fields. Aware of the impact these vital years can have on the minds of the future of our nation and the world, Hillside strives to encourage, introduce and develop any and all activities to shape their minds.

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Metaverse technology in healthcare offers virtual and augmented reality experiences for medical training, telemedicine consultations, patient education, and therapy. It enhances access, engagement, and immersive learning in healthcare environments


Practical activities for nursing students include simulated patient care scenarios, clinical rotations in various healthcare settings, hands-on skills practice, medication administration practice, critical thinking exercises, research projects, and community health outreach programs. These activities enhance their clinical competence and prepare them for real-world nursing practice.


Clinical duty for nursing students involves applying theoretical knowledge in real healthcare settings. They assist with patient care, perform nursing procedures, administer medications, document observations, collaborate with the healthcare team, and develop essential clinical skills while providing safe, compassionate, and evidence-based care to patients.


Old age home visits provide nursing students with opportunities to interact, engage, and provide care to elderly residents, fostering empathy and understanding for geriatric nursing.


A nutrition program for nursing students educates them about the importance of balanced diets, dietary requirements, and nutritional assessment. It equips them with knowledge to promote healthy eating habits, provide dietary counseling, and address nutritional needs of patients, contributing to overall health and well-being in nursing practice.


TB Day raises awareness about tuberculosis, promoting prevention, early detection, and treatment, highlighting the global efforts to combat this infectious disease.


World Health Day is observed to raise global awareness about pressing health issues. It promotes advocacy, action, and policy discussions to address healthcare challenges, aiming to ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all populations worldwide.